What is the cost of a tasting?

As a Wine Tasting host, you purchase a selection of wines to serve to your guests for the tasting at a discount. It is five bottles of wine for the tasting, plus your exclusive host thank you bottle (6 bottles total) for a single fee of $29.95 plus shipping and tax. This will bill when your wine ships, approximately 15 days before your Wine Tasting date.

What else do I need to provide?

8-12 fun friends who will enjoy a try-before-you-buy wine tasting experience! Besides that, just some simple cheeses and chocolates for pairing (Brian will give you a list), plates and one wine glass per guest. We keep it very easy and simple to host.

Do you do Wine Tastings everywhere?

Brian is based in Atlanta, GA and does in-person tastings, typically within a 50-mile radius of Atlanta. He also does virtual tastings in any of WineShop At Home's service areas.

What happens after I request a Wine Tasting date?

Immediately after requesting your date through our online booking page, you'll receive an email confirmation. Shortly after that, Brian will get in touch with you to answer any questions, confirm your information and obtain payment information for your tasting sampler. At that time, your date will be confirmed.

Following the initial conversation with Brian, he will be in touch a few times as the date for your Wine Tasting approaches. He will tell you everything you need to know from who and how to invite to what cheeses to get that will ideally pair with your wine selection. We make it very easy to host a Wine Tasting.

Can I be a Wine Consultant?

Yes! It requires no special wine knowledge to be a successful Wine Consultant. You can make an income simply by having fun with people and sharing WineShop At Home's exclusive wines. Learn more.

Have more questions?

Contact us to answer any additional questions you have before you request your Wine Tasting date.